Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have a new bike.
My super cool husband built it for me.
Built it from the frame out.
The frame is as old as me.
Yeah, my husband can pretty much do anything......

This morning we got a babysitter and rode our bikes around the neighborhood hitting yard sales.
Good times.
Berk found some Burton snowboarding boots for $2. He wins the prize for the best find of the week. I found retro some cord pants and some halloween books. Not much, but fun to be on the bikes. I don't know how much will fit in my cute little basket anyway.


i'm h.mac said...

welcome to the cyberhood! i am so glad i can now partake of you from blogger......

mmm.chocolate said...

You guys are so cool.

"Love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart. Like why are we here, where do we go, and how come it's so hard." -Jack Johnson