Sunday, October 12, 2008

colds and snow

Its snowing in October (notice the leaves on the trees) and the whole family was sick with colds this weekend. I haven't been able to breathe through my nose and it makes me quite grumpy. My poor children. To remedy the problem, I squirted afrin nasal spray up my nose and the results were wonderful, completely clear nasal passages for 12hrs. After 12hrs though it all came crashing down and I'm plugged again. Worse than when I started. No way was I breathing through either nostril for another 12hrs and the only way around it is strait through. You have to stop taking the medicine, deal with the plugged nose, or it will just keep coming back. Oh, but one squirt and it would be all over and I could breathe again. It's so addictive. No more!!! No wonder the bottle warns users of its addictiveness. I think I'm done with afrin, it works so well, but the side effects are so not worth it.

Well, we watched too much tv, played too many video games, and wiped too many noses this weekend. I did get some good knitting in. I had to do something productive while sitting on the couch. Hopefully there will be pictures of a finished product tomorrow. Stay tuned....


Naytron said...

Thats a pretty picture amy!

mmm.chocolate said...

What a very odd early winter storm. Bri and the kids built a snowman while I stayed indoors lamenting the cold and trying very hard to remember my resolve about being positive through the winter. It's going to be harder than I thought. But, the snowman was very cute and lasted about 3 hours.

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