Monday, October 20, 2008

my new/old boots

I remember when I bought these boots. It was six years ago for christmas. I remember because I was pregnant with Rhett. Shoe are the only justifiable clothing purchase when your pregnant. It's the only part of your body that stays about the same size. I have loved these boots, casual enough to wear with jeans but nice enough to wear with a skirt. But last year I wasn't quite as crazy about these boots and this year I was wanting a new pair. My boots were feeling, well a little out of style. So I got online and started looking for new boots. Of course the ones I fell in love with were from Anthropologie and almost $300. I just couldn't justify paying that right now or maybe ever.

So I went back to my old boots. The only thing I wasn't liking about my old boots was the big chunky heel. They were way too heavy, hurt my feet after a while, and well, the chunky heel was just not cute anymore.

As I was looking at them I got a really great idea. I took my boots downtown to my neighbor's shoe repair shop. He cut off most of the width of the sole and glued on a new thinner one. So for $20 I got myself a new pair of boots and I love them. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
I wish I had a before picture, but I was too excited about taking them in and didn't think about taking pics.


i'm h.mac said...

great idea amy! i love it

Jewels said...

They are really cute, maybe in a few years you'll go back to the shoe repair shop and get the chunky heel put back on.

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