Thursday, January 8, 2009

Everyone poops

For the past 2 months or so, my cute little 2yr old has developed a fear of pooping. You might think she has a fear of pooping on the toilet, but no. She has a fear of pooping. period. I tell you its good times. By day 3 of poop withholding, she is miserable. She wants me to hold her all day so she can wedge her little but cheeks on my knee to give her the added help she needs.
I finally took her to see the doc. and she said I should hold back on the potty training. And I told her, that she won't even poop in a diaper. And then she said, "oh". Well you need to find her an everybody poops book. She also told me to put her on miralax.

The Doctor sent me home with literature on the matter. I thought I would share... 1-Clarify the goal with your child. Review with your child that their job is to make a poop come out every day. Your body makes a poop every day and the poop wants to come out every day.

2- Transfer all responsibility to your child. Tell her that her body makes a poop everyday and that it belongs to her. The "poop" wants to come out and go in the toilet. When your child quits receiving pep talks about not going she will eventually decide to go to the bathroom for attention.

If she is holding back tell your child "your body is talking to you, what does it want you to do?" "The poop needs your help"

And for children 4 and older it says you can put them in "poop jail" until they have passed a poop the size of a banana.
And the last bit: Help your child change her clothes if she soils herself. Don't ignore soiling. Then main role you have in this new program is to enforce the rule "people can't walk aroung with messy pants."

I gave you a much shortened version. Pretty dang funny I thought. I would like to meet the person who wrote this.

Wish me luck!!!


Naytron said...

Even an apple poops!?! eww

Brooke said...

that was hilarious! I especially like the poop jail part.

Jewels said...

That book should be refresher course for everyone!

TK said...

Wow That was great info. Thanks so much :)

Machen family said...

I think Shawn would really like this book, not for the children, for himself.

mmm.chocolate said...

Soooo hilarious! Especially that last line, "People can't walk around with messy pants." Well, I should think not! What exactly is a "poop jail" anyways?

Kelley said...

I know that is not funny that she won't poo (that would hurt) but, it makes me laugh that she is scared of it :) Good luck Amy!

McKenzie Larson said...

I am so glad you posted this! I am having similar issues with my 2 year old! I need that book! Thanks!

Lynley said...

I am so glad I came across this post! My 2 year old is in the same boat and we have been battling it for six months. We are now doing a "bowel retraining" program under my pediatricians suggestion. I pray that it works and for your toddler too!

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