Sunday, February 8, 2009

happenings of a weekend

I finally finally finished the other sock. Fits like a glove... or a sock.
This poor girl had influenza. She is feeling better today.
Visits from my sisters who live in Texas... It had been 3 years since I had seen one of them. Good to see them, but bad timing with the above sickness. Oh, I wish they lived closer.


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Oh, Amy, how cool to see your sisters!

My sympathies for poor Mo. :-(

I'm so jealous of your socks! I'm still at scarf level. Someday I'll have you teach me.

Machen family said...

I wish I was able to visit with your sisters! I know Marlo spent a good afternoon with them.
Look at those are talented!

TRIBE'S said...

I love sisters! I would hate to live so far awat from mine. Wow with the socks, very impressive! Poor Mo, I hate when my kids are sick.

dani said...

i love your socks! poor mo, the influenza sounds horrid.

Jeni said...

The socks turned out great! I can't wait to have you teach me how to knit.
I love having sisters. There's nothing better. Sorry they live so far away though.
I hope Mo is feeling better. It's no fun when you're kids are sick.

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