Tuesday, February 10, 2009

honey whole wheat

I passed the test tonight. My toughest food critics scarfed down my homemade honey whole wheat bread I made. This was my first ever experience making bread from scratch without a bread maker. I'm hoping it's not beginners luck, because it did taste really good.
A few years back or more, my mom offered me her wheat grinder. I'm sure I looked at her kind of weird, like why would I ever want that. Being new in my homemaking skills, I had no idea how awesome this little machine could be. My mom then told me that is was quite expensive, which then caught my interest a little. And said, "sure I'll take it." Thinking, hopefully I will find use for it someday.
That day came today and now I do realize how amazing and coveted this machine is.
I used some of my food storage wheat and ground my very own wheat into flour. Pretty exciting, I know. It's even that much better because the bread tasted so good.
My new now goal is to make homemade bread on a regular basis and not buy it from the store anymore. Well, at least not nearly as often.


TRIBE'S said...

WOW!! Bread is something I have always wanted to make but never took the time. You have inspired me! Maybe I can do it.

Jewels said...

Okay, maybe I can make my own bread too. It is something that is always at the back of my mind to learn how to do but I have never taken the time to actually do it. I love your new picture for the blog title. How Cute!

Naytron said...

Love the new picture sister... best yet. very clever. :)

and give me some bread please. kk thanks.

Megan and Ben said...

Banana bread, shmanana bread! I am so impressed with you wheat bread! Good job Amy. I really like the new title picture on the blog and all the changes...you have been busy. Hopefully we can chat this weekend.
Love ya-

Valerie said...

I love making homemade bread. I would love to see your recipe!!

Machen family said...

sometimes, well all the time, your talent overwhelms me, and I feel bad. Just want you to know.

mmm.chocolate said...

Those loaves look awesome. What, no recipe?

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