Monday, September 21, 2009

I love to knit

I've been stuck lately, as far as blogging goes. Haven't taken many pictures, nothing real new has happened, not sure what to post about. .. So here's the best I can do for tonight, The weather today was nice fall weather and I got to thinkin that I better finish Ella's sweater before its too late and too small. I love knitting, but I have a hard time rewarding myself with the actual time to knit. There's that little phrase "A mother's work is never done." I always think to myself, "if I can just get these things done then I can knit." Not really working for me.

So here is a pic of the progress. Berk bought me the yarn and the pattern for my birthday which was over a month ago. I'm actually a pretty fast knitter just slow at finding time.


TRIBE'S said...

You are so good. She is going to look so cute in that. I can relate to not finding time, I never have time to do anything I enjoy.

Megan and Ben said...

I am kicking myself daily for not learning how to knit from YOU!!!!

The Ballard's said...

What if knitting was a job. There is the most adorable zebra hat (I could send you a picture) that I am interested in having made. Well, I would need to see what the cost would be... but would you be interested??

Let me know.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I'm loving it! That's going to be the cutest sweater ever. Maybe you can find some down time on your vaycay to knit a little??

Good luck with all the pre-trip prep!

Tyler. Jennifer. Kate. Avery. said...

Hey Amy, this is Jen, Meg's friend! speaking of knitting, I was wondering if I could still buy some knit winter hats from you for my twin girlies? They will be 7 mos old in a couple weeks but their heads are on the bigger side-big brains right? I wondered if you were still making the little knit fruit hats and if I could buy some. I know you have no time to knit, (nor do I and I only knit scarves) but if you can, let me know.

Thanks a ton! hope you are doing good!

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