Saturday, January 16, 2010


Just thought I'd share some pictures of our most recent trip to disneyland. We are currently disneyland passport holders. We just can't get enough. But actually we went in september to california for a good friends wedding and we already knew we would be going in january with Berk's family. I priced it out and it was $50 cheaper per person to buy season passports vs two 3 day tickets.

We are thinking we might as well go one or two more times before they expire the end of september. You know, just to get our moneys worth.

Walking down main street.

This is one of our favorite rides and movies! Monsters inc.

After much, much, convincing, I finally got Rhett to ride on the matterhorn. It became his new favorite ride.

More Monsters inc.

This is one of Rhett's favorite movies of all time. In september for halloween, they turned haunted mansion into the nightmare before christmas ride. We loved it! I wish it was this way year round.

Happy family at disneyland!

January was the best time to go to disneyland great weather and really short lines. Some rides there was no wait at all. Ella keeps asking if we are going to go back to disneyland tomorrow.


Machen family said...

How fun!! We went last March. It was great and the lines were short then too.

Megan and Ben said...

It looks like you had a great time! Thanks to the grandparents...maybe someday we can do that with the gparents....hint to my them!!!
THanks for the speedy blog pictures too. You, Berk and the kids look great. Love you!

Amy said...

How fun! we love disneyland too! Last year we went to Disneyworld and Disneyland! And I still want to go back this year! Did you daughter tell you she babysat for me with her friend Kinley? (sp?) I knew she looked familiar and then she said you were her mom and I thought how funny! She is a doll!

Brooke said...


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