Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daddy's working sundays

Berk has been working a lot lately. Oh wait... he always works a lot. That's the life of a restaurant owner. One sunday a month Berk gets to pay his dues and take a shift .. or two...or three. This sunday is the hardest day of the month for me. So instead of sitting home feeling sorry for myself, I load up the kids and we come to him.

It was our first big voyage in the new minivan and she proved herself worthy. We listened to sunday music, looked at the changing leaves, and best of all, none of the kids could touch each other.

The food is always wonderful. We all seemed to fall back on our current favs. For me it was the French Dip, Mo can keep up with an adult size chicken enchilada, ella a hot dog, and Rhett never changes its always chicken strips with fries. Of course we end with cheese cake and a pink cookie.

The kids get some quality dad time, ok and I do too. Trips like these make daddy's working sundays much more bearable for us and I'm sure even much more so for him.


Naytron said...

Berk doesnt look happy to be at work

TK said...

HI Friend, you made it to the minivan club, WAHOOO! I can't beleive you were dreaming about it (only for moms) HEy I noticed you are reading Austinland, is it good? I am looking for a good new read. Love ya

TK said...

p.s. I just tagged ya, check it out on my blog to see what it is all about

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