Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Berk is very faithful about donating his blood every 8 weeks. He just hit his 2 gallon mark. yeah for Berk. He has "sucked" me into donating a handful of times before. The last time I donated I didn't feel real great the rest of the day. Kind of "drained" if you know what I mean. So yesterday we went to lunch and then I dropped him off at the Red Cross. Feeling slightly guilty and selfish, I hit the Savers thrift shop next door.

If any of you frequent Savers, you know about 99c monday. The color tag was orange. So everything with an orange tag was 99c.

I was all alone to spend some time digging and I found one orange tag worthy of buying. Some brown cords my size!! Also in my bag were a couple of skirts and 2 pair of pants for the Retro. The cords were my favorite. I bet it was the price that made them so desirable.
Thrifting is my addiction. Yet I feel the prices at some thrift stores have jumped quite a bit. Am I being a total cheapo, or does anyone out there agree.


Kelley said...

You inspire me...you are so good at finding awesome deals! I just need to be more patient and look harder :)

dani said...

Hi, so I have been out of the loop for a while but please tell me the van is an adition to the tuttle family of autos and not, as I fear, a substitution for the best the Sweeds have to offer.
Bryan Leatham

dani said...

One last thing about the Van if your happy then we're happy.

dani said...

amy and berk this is dani, i love the mini van and i am very glad you got one! and hondas are the only way to go, unless someone had the riches to buy the new volkswagen ones. i love those, and might just have more children so i can get one! bahhhh!

"Love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart. Like why are we here, where do we go, and how come it's so hard." -Jack Johnson