Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It worked

I woke up this morning to Mo tapping me saying, " come mom, lets go see how much money the tooth fairy left me".

A wave of panic flew over me. I forgot!!! I knew I would forget. Why did I forget? I tried to think as quickly as possible.

"Sweetie, just a minute let me go to the bathroom and then I'll be in. Please wait for me, no peeking!!"

I spotted 2 dollar bills on my dresser. Aha, this would be risky, do I attempt?

I walk into her room very slowly cupping the crumpled up dollar bills in my hands. As she is searching, I help and discretely tuck the money in.

It worked!!!! It worked!!!

I keep wondering when she will stop believing. Maybe she already has. After all she is 9.
That's ok. I'll hold on to these bits of childhood as long as I can.


Brooke said...

don't worry-- you're not the only mom who has forgotten. I forget almost every time!

Naytron said...

Sure do love that kid!
I'm glad you pulled that off... MOM

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Amy, that is so awesome! Wish I'd have thought of that the few times I forgot. My kids ended up thinking the tooth fairy was the lamest creature ever.

Amy said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only forgetful mom.

Kelley said...

hehe. That is too funny! I am glad she didn't notice.

mmm.chocolate said...

We forgot to do the tooth fairy thing for Soph's very first lost tooth. The very first one! Talk about slacker parents. She awoke with disappointment and tears. Armed with two crumpled one-dollar bills, I went into her room to investigate and then she surprisingly found two-dollars under the other pillow in her bed. The one the dolly was using. Silly Tooth Fairy!

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