Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I love a good solid timeless tradition. Pumpkin carving is definetely one of them.
Rhett refused to stick his hand in the pumpkin and clean the guts out, so I was stuck with his dirty work.
If you look closely you can see the inspiration for our pumpkin designs. This movie has been a favorite at our house since Rhett could watch movies. Halloween is this kid's favorite holiday. Danny Elfman and Tim Burton are truly brilliant.
Tomorrow we are taking the fam to see the Nightmare Before Christmas on the big screen. 3D style. I am just as excited as the kids. We all have the movie memorized but seeing it in 3D will be worth watching it again for the millionth time. Any one else have some Halloween traditions you'd like to share? I'd love to hear. This is such a great time of year.


Naytron said...

FUNNN!!! i love pumpkins

Kelley said...

Love pumpkin carving...good tradition! We always have a little halloween party for the kids with lots of food and decorations and watch "Legend of sleepy Hollow" cartoon with Ichabad Crane. I think Mckay would have nightmares if I showed him "nightmare before Christmas" I would LOVE it in 3D...soo cool.

mmm.chocolate said...

It seems like you guys did all the fun stuff this year. Pumpkin man, corn mazes, jack-o-lanterns. I love this time of year too. I missed all those traditions (pumpkin patches and the like) so much when we lived in China.

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