Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Recap

For some reason, Rhett has decided that he doesn't like the camera anymore. Reminds me of his Uncle about this age. I got this picture of him because my dad told him he couldn't have any candy unless we got a picture.
Ella wore her black cat costume to the grandparent stops, but as soon as we pulled into the church parking lot for trunk-or-treat, she had decided she was done wearing it.
I really like the trunk-or-treat idea. It seems to bring the whole neighborhood together, and it gives the adults a reason to dress in costume. It's more like a Halloween social. The weather was so nice we didn't even need jackets. If only every Halloween could be like that.
I can't end without bragging about my Halloween frugality. I spent a total of $6 this year on all three costumes. The cat costume all three kids have worn, Rhett's cape was 5 dollars at a yard sale. Mo's socks and hat were 50 cents each at the same yard sale. Her black dress I found at the D.I. for a dress up back when she was 4. And the makeup, it was saved from last year. I know, pretty impressive.

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