Sunday, November 30, 2008

Star Wars

One thing I have learned in my 9 plus years of being a mother is that for the sake of my sanity, I try really hard to avoid places and activities with large crowds. Three kids(one of them a 2 yr old red head) and a lack of husband, well, lets just say its not my thing.
well saturday night my sweet sister invited me to go down to the parade and the turning on of the lights at christmas village with her. I am so happy she thought of me.
The streets were packed with people and I could feel myself tense up. Ella screamed the entire time I had her in the stroller arched her back and did her best to stick her feet down so the stroller wouldn't move. I wasn't about to let her out. For one she wasn't going to win this battle and 2- I didn't want to keep track of 3 kids in a mass of people while pushing an empty stroller. We found my sister and a place behind many people to watch the parade. The highlight of the night was the picture above. There was a Star Wars float with jedis, storm troopers, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and more. Rhett asked me to never delete this picture so he could look at it forever.


i'm h.mac said...

we can't miss the parade because easton talks about the star wars all year!

mmm.chocolate said...

Hey! We were down there too. And, I am totally with you about the three kids in a crowd -- after dark no less! But, it looks like that picture made it totally worth it.

dani said...

that sounds like a crazy parade! i would have turned around and gone home over the stroller thing. good for you!

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