Thursday, February 5, 2009

World Nutella Day

Today at the grocery store I decided to splurge a little and I bought a jar of nutella. It was back in the corner of the shelves with the jam. I haven't bought nutella in probably 5 years and thought it sounded pretty darn good.

The first time I ever tried nutella was the summer after my junior year. I went on a month long trip to Europe. I instantly fell in love with the stuff.

So tonight I'm checking out a blog I follow , and she posted about today being world nutella day. Crazy weird!!!! (click on the pic for the link)

I must have been feeling the world nutella day vibe, ....or it was just purely coincidental.

Do you like nutella? If so, how do you like to eat it?

I love it on French Bread. On a crepe is nice too.


TRIBE'S said...

We love Nutella! We went though about a jar a month when Maegan lived at home, not so much now. She would eat it on everything, no kidding everything. Bananas, apples, bread, you name it she put nutella on it. Enjoy1 How fun that it was nutella day ahen you bought it.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

So wild that you happened to buy it on World Nutella Day! I really almost never eat it because I eat way too much when I do. I happened to have an unopened jar in the cupboard - lucky for me to be able to snap a pic of and acknowledge the day. My husband lived in France for a year of high school; he says Nutella is very big in Europe.

Happy weekend!

Kelley said...

I am obsessed with nutella! It is my favorite, I always have a jar on hand and Craig always gets mad and me cause I will just stick my finger in there and eat it straight out of the jar. Love it on sandwiches too :)

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I love Nutella! I ate it as a kid, and usually just on bread. I'll have to get some and try it on French bread, or my homemade breadmaker stuff. (My sister gave me the old breadmaker my mom gave her! Still works like a champ and now I don't have to take hours making bread the old fashioned way!)

regano said...

Amy...I LOVE VISITING your blog now! I just want you to know I had the biggest smile just now reading your post. My indigo girls are playing on the computer and of course your playlist has them so I had two songs overlapping each other playing at once...and they still sound AWESOME! oh I cant wait to visit you guys again maybe we'll have a Nutella party in memory of Herr Dog, our German teacher tour guild to the European Experience! :) Apes

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