Sunday, March 15, 2009

the joy of receiving

My sweet friend lydia is the one who first posted "for the fun of giving" post. So I commented on her blog. Boy, was I surprised when she came to my house with this lovely personlized gift just for me!!!! I was expecting the gift to be along the lines of a home made plate of cookies or something, but no.

She definitely put some thought into the gift. When I posted a little bit back about my discipline cards, Lydia commented, saying I also needed to reward my kids for not losing cards. I felt kind of silly not thinking of that myself. I am so glad she suggested it.

So her gift to me is this awesome glass "reward jar". She packed it full of treats and prizes and gave a big bag of refills to go with it. I love love this gift. It was that much better that she put thought into it and made the gift personal.

Thank you so so much, Lydia!!! The kids have been going crazy thinking of good things they can do to earn a treat. It sits on top of the fridge. Got to keep it out of reach.


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

WOW! Amy, that's awesome! How thoughtful, Lydia. I have to go to her blog now and tell her she's awesome. :-)

TRIBE'S said...

I'm so glad you liked it. I do think the hardest part of the giving post was trying to think of gifts just for that person, but it really was fun!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

How thoughtful!! And the idea is brilliant. We all respond much better to positive feedback - "catch them being good" - and "you get what you notice".... Elizabeth Crary talks a lot about this, especially with emotions. If you're interested she's prolific - has written loads of children's books and parenting books, and most are probably in the library.

Jeni said...

What a perfect surprise. It couldn't have been more perfect for you and your darling kids. The card idea works great at school so I bet you'll get similar results.

Naytron said...

So what can i do to score that bouncy ball!??! :)

Machen family said...

good idea!! I wish I had a Lydia..

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