Thursday, August 13, 2009

30 things

Today I turned 30! So in honor of this land mark birthday, I made a list of things I would like to accomplish during the year. Some of them are more grand than others but hey, I need to make it doable right? So here it is:

1-Read the Book of Mormon
2- knit a sweater for myself
3- complete my food storage
4- visit the dentist 2x
5- go to Oregon
6-Send more thank you cards
7- plant a tree
8-Spend a whole day reading a good book
9-have a snowball fight with my kids
10- go in the salt lake temple
11-hike Ben Lomond
12-paint something I would proudly hang on the wall
13-run a 10k
14-surprise everyone
15-ride a horse
16-teach a cardio kickboxing class
17-get a professional massage
18-see the Dave Matthews Band in concert
19-go to a movie all by myself
20-take up yoga
21-watch my favorite childrens movie Annie again.
22-get a pedicure
23-read all 7 harry potter books
24-go snow shoeing with berk
25-hold regular family home evenings
26-take a sign language class
27-visit this is the place monument
28-make a list of things that make me happy
29-plan a family vacation
30-make a list of green things to live by and then do it.
I hope to keep an update of when things are accomplished. I would love to hear other great ideas?


Machen family said...

Happy Birthday! That's a great list. You've inspired me to do a list!!

the warrens said...

happy birthday! your list has inspired me. i hope you have a wonderful day.

Penny said...
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Penny said...

Here's one for you: Increase the frequency of your blogging. Or maybe that comes under the heading of keeping us posted. I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog. Oh, and Happy Birthday.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Haha! I like Penny's idea. If you came up with 30 things, that means I need to come up with 40 things. Ugh. that's a lot.

Happy Birthday!

Megan and Ben said...

To a wonderful friend, beautiful mother and huge blessing in my life, Happy Birthday. Thanks for everything you have done for me since I turned 30. Please come visit me in Oregon and we can do yoga on the back porch.

TRIBE'S said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a fun list. I have no doubt you will acomplish all of it.

Jewels said...

A very doable list. I like number 14, it'll keep me in suspense all year now. Yoga mats at Ross again for $7.99. Go get one.

Jewels said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

cathrin said...


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"Love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart. Like why are we here, where do we go, and how come it's so hard." -Jack Johnson