Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mo

My sister made this amazing cake for the birthday girl

Mo shopping on her trip.

My oldest had a birthday a couple of days ago She turnded 11. She was a lucky girl and got to go on a 3 day trip with her dance group to Tuachan. They got to see the musicals Cats and Tarzan and go to some dance clinics. Her birthday happened to be the last day of her trip.

This was a perfect opportunity for me to plan a little surprise party. She called me when they arrived at the studio so I could come pick her up, but I told her her friends mom would bring her home. (she was in on the surprise) Mo was quite upset that I wouldn't come pick her up on her birthday after she had been away for 3 days!!! But when she walked in the door to a ton of friends jumping out to say surprise, she forgave me.

She told me it was her best birthday she has ever had. My camera is broken so these pictures are from her camera so i didn' get a picture of the surprise. I wished I would've, it was classic.


dani said...

amy, it was so good to see you this weekend, and i love your photos, especially the hiking, but the disneyland ones, with your kids on the rides, and the beach, are priceless!

mamabyrd said...

That is the cutest thing you could do for an 11 year old's birthday. I always dreamed of a surprise party when I was that age. What a great mom you are Amy!

Jewels said...

Fun, fun, fun, she is such a sweet girl and you are such a good mom. Love the new blog look.

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