Friday, February 4, 2011

my excuse

Many nights after kids are finally, finally in bed to stay, I sit at the computer and think about blogging. But that's as far as it has gotten. For one thing I couldn't figure out how to get pictures off the camera, and I had absolutely no energy to figure it out. So the blog sat untouched.

Last night I tried to get pictures off, and it was suprisingly easy. So above is a picture of my excuse for not blogging. Not the best picture, but I'm not a big fan of my picture taken while I'm pregnant. I'm sure I'll look back and wish I had more, but for now, its no fun.

I'm about 331/2 weeks pregnant. I don't think pregnancy and I get along very well.

I can make a healthy baby, it just takes everything I've got and more. 4th time around has been very tiring. So there's my excuse, and here's to more frequent blogging.


i'm h.mac said...

you look great amy! and after the fourth i decided that the thirties are for raising kids, not bearing them. what happened to the energy of the tweinties when you are pregnant?!?!?!?! good luck, you're almost there.

Kelley said...

CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting :) You guys have the cutest babies...I am glad you are having more. Are you going to find out the sex? Hang in there...I know how hard being preggo can be :)

Rach and Todd said...

YAY!! You are always adorable, Ames, gestating or not. I'm so happy for you.

Jewels said...! Finally! I have been waiting since the first day of school to know what has been going on in your blogging life. Thank you for finally posting. Congratulations on being preggo, very cute belly by the way. See you at church tomorrow.

Amy said...

It is a great excuse. You are forgiven. You look gorgeous!

Tiffany said...

OK cute cute cute belly! I need a face shot in there too! I miss your cute face and fam:(

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