Monday, April 22, 2013

Friday I was doing my grocery shopping and I got a phone call. I recognized the number being the school, and wondered who was sick.  They lady on the phone told me she was sorry to inform me that Rhett had broken his arm.  I told her I was at the grocery store. She said its pretty bad and that she was told not to look at it.  She said leave your groceries and come.  I was next to a store employee and told her of my phone call and handed her my cart and ran out the store.  Frantically I called Berk on my way and told him.  He told me to call my niece Bre.  This is her line of expertise and she works for an orthopedic surgeon. 
     Long story short I picked him up from the school and took him to the instacare and later connected with Bre at the hospital where an othopedic surgeon (a friend of Bre's doctor) met us there to set the bone into place.  Talk about stressful.  They had to sedate him to set the bones back into place.  All went well and we meet with the Doc on wednesday to get a hard cast on.   Here are some pictures of the event!  I couldn't believe how tough Rhett was through the whole ordeal.  He remained very calm the whole time. I just love that kid. 


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Jewels said...

Ok, that is awful. I'm glad I just get calls saying that my kid has passed out. Hope he heals soon.

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